Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Prominence of English language in Asia

The English language has and is one of the most visibly recognized influences of the English people throughout the region of Asia. The English kingdom's reach over Asia during the last millennium has been unparalleled and has left it's mark in more ways than one. The English cultural contributions to the Asian countries has been immense, everything from the education system to the legal system, from culinary traditions to transportation systems, there have been a wide spectrum of influences by the British. But one of the most important contributions by the British is the English language. English has been the medium of communication for the British in every region they have controlled, influenced or reigned. This has led to the creation of a network of English being part of every system, process or department which has some degree of interaction with the British. This has in-turn created a systematic learning of English by various groups, individuals or regions under the influence of the British.

The influence of English language has been widespread, it has made its way into all the various systems and processes in the Asian countries where the British have left their mark. Today, in Asia here are many countries which have English as one of the prominent languages from conducting government work to private work, from education to health-care, defense to foreign relations. One of the reasons for this widespread use of English is due to the incorporation of English as the primary medium of teaching in most educational institutions around Asia. English communication skills are today a much sought-after requirement for conducting business or official government work. This has led to the increased demand for English language skills from individuals of all ages,cultures,ages and geographies.

The prominence of English language in Asia has been phenomenal, there are several reasons for this, but the most important being Globalization, Technology, Education and Trade. This has given rise to the demand for learning English in a large scale by individuals looking for better opportunities that this skill can offer. The learning of English language and the teaching has become a business opportunity on its own. There are various institutions which offer this teaching, and students and educationists alike are deeply invlolved in every step of the way to acquire this skill. The internet has also been a major technological advance and a catalyst in increasing the demand for English language skills. There are various tools and systems available which teach and improve vocabulary of the learner. One of the most important tool available on the internet which helps increase and improve English vocabulary is DictionUP. This is an audio tool which caters to students preparing for various competitive exams such as, GRE, GMAT, CAT, TOEFL,IELTS,SAT etc... and also professionals looking to improve their English skills. A good knowledge on English can catapult you to greater success and will improve the users capabilities and opportunities which often are directly related to success in career or education. Therefore, the prominence of English is profound and will only increase in the future.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

English Vocabulary - Application in today's competitive exams

Competitive exams are a gateway to successful programs or educational courses around the world. These exams are a platform by which institutions gauge the skill set and other important attributes which are essential for a student for being part of the educational program/courses. Therefore, competitive exams such as GRE, SAT, GMAT, CAT, IELTS and TOEFL are a part of the selection criteria which institutions employ to select students. Due to the potential opportunities offered upon successful completion of these educational programs/courses, the number of students taking these competitive exams are very high. This competition causes the institutions requirements to be very selective.

There are different attributes and skills which are tested during these exams and other attributes such as time management, familiarity with computers and understanding and comprehending instructions. But the core areas of testing would be Analytical skills, Written skills, Critical reasoning, Oral Skills etc... Therefore, students need to concentrate on all different sections to score well. But, of the many sections which are measured, English language skills are of prominent importance. Communication in English is a norm today and many institutions treat this as the preferred platform for testing. Due to this importance of English language, English vocabulary becomes a must for successfully completing any of the sections in a competitive exam. Learning or improving English vocabulary helps to understand, comprehend, use and apply the language in various scenarios.

Therefore, the need for a good level of English vocabulary can only be stressed to an extent, but the applications are endless. One of the major areas of application is the competitive exams scenario. This is one of the stepping stones in a students life and will eventually open venues and opportunities as the career progresses. A good vocabulary, reduces the time taken to answer a question in the competitive exam because of the awareness to vocabulary. Also the quality of the answers can improved. There are many tools which are useful for students to learn vocabulary, but the process of learning vocabulary is slow. One tool which allows for faster learning of vocabulary, which is very inexpensive and effective at the end result is DictionUP. This is an innovative audio tool which through its easy to use benefit allows for maximum utilization and anywhere usage. Also, the inexpensiveness allows for lesser pressure on the budget. Therefore, DictionUP is the ideal tool for students to equip themselves with the required skill-set to achieve better in competitive exams.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

English Vocabulary – Uses in Business Development

In the past three decades,business's around the world are expanding their operations and coverage by leaps and bound covering every inhabited continent on the planet. There are several reasons for this aggressive expansion, such as – Globalisation, Technology, Economic developments, closer ties with other nations, greater access to finance and resources and most importantly finding the required manpower everywhere. The list of multi-national corporations around the world has increased tremendously and covers all verticals, fields and backgrounds.

For any business to expand it's geographical coverage or to expand its customer base, the need for a passionate, aggressive and professional business development team is imperative. This team needs to share the same vision, enthusiasm and knowledge that the leadership has for the organisations growth. Along with the mentioned traits, there is another area which is essential for the task to be successful – Communication Skills. Oral and written communication skills are needed by the business development team to achieve their target. During interaction with clients, collaboration with companies, dealings with governments or convincing other workers to share the same vision, an effective communication capability is needed. Without proper communication skills, the vision, actions and effectiveness is not at its highest standard of achievement.

English vocabulary is the core pillar behind effective communication skills. Learning or improving English vocabulary, equips the resource with the required capability to achieve a proper communication channel. Basic English vocabulary is part of most English-medium education systems around the world, but in a business context an advanced level of vocabulary is an advantage which can be utilized to one's benefit. A higher level vocabulary can give the user an edge when dealing with clients or giving presentations, when training employees or meeting senior management. So there are numerous scenarios during business development, where English vocabulary can be used.

The advantages of having a good vocabulary has led to the increase of people trying to equip themselves with it. There are numerous tools and methods available today. DictionUP is one such tool which is being used by professionals and students alike to have the edge over others. DictionUP is an innovative and inexpensive audio tool which has wide ranging benefits for the user. Business development resources now can use this wonderful tool to learn higher English vocabulary, which can be put to effective use.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

English Vocabulary – The Text vs Audio Format of Learning

Communication skills have now become a bare requirement and without it, the number of opportunities are bound to be scarce. Any professional work, business, education,interviews,social gatherings etc... require a basic set of communication skills to fare well. This has become a major criteria for the growth of an individual today in most given challenges in the professional or personal front.

Identifying this trend, many are prepared to face this challenge. However, many more are not fully equipped to face this test of survival and progress, but are finding newer methods, practices and tools to overcome this task positively. Currently, there are several mediums or tools available and two most important formats being considered are the Text and the Audio format. Both these formats have become extremely popular and are the easiest ways to learn English vocabulary which is used in oral or written communication.

The Text format though popular, is lagging in the approach and individuals have faced challenges in relating the word and also remembering it at a later stage. The whole purpose of learning vocabulary is to use it at a later stage either orally or in written format. The Text format is designed in such a way that the individual has access to various words in the English vocabulary and their meanings. But, a major point which is lagging in the text form of vocabulary is its difficulty of understanding by the reader, how well he can associate with its meaning, its pronunciation and relating it with his/her personal experiences to remember at a later stage. This factor has proved as a challenge because, throughout history, teaching has been most effective through hearing. Be it, our teachers, mentors, gurus, parents etc... audible learning provides a sense of relation and is easily associated by the individual.

In comparison, the Audio format of learning vocabulary, tends to invite the listener into a more personal sphere of learning through audible explanation, a sense of understanding and relation is easily established and is long-lasting. The connection between words is easily achieved by the listener and also its pronunciation. There are various forms of learning higher level of vocabulary and a majority of learners are inclined towards the audio because of its similarity with traditional audible learning taught by our teachers and mentors.

One such tool which provides audio format English vocabulary learning is DictionUP. This tool has already helped many and is catering to the needs of many learners through its innovative, effective presentation of learning. The users need to have the most basic digital audio players to play the audio format vocabulary in easy to learn tracks of 15 to 20 minutes each. This tool presently covers about a thousand words which have been identified and processed after extensive research as to their usage in competitive exams, professional requirement and educational usage. The learning is made simple & effective because of its combination of traditional audible teaching with technology and also its ease of usage while multi-tasking with other duties on a daily basis such as walking home after work, driving your car, commuting to office in a bus or during workout sessions etc... This gives the user an unparalleled advantage and also a platform for effective learning of higher vocabulary in a short time compared to text or other formats of learning.

In conclusion, the audio format of learning is a more fun way of learning English vocabulary than the text format. Tools like DictionUP can equip you with the best technique to learn vocabulary in a simple, effective, efficient,quick and productive manner which can be used during communication with your peers, boss, clients, neighbors, teaching, family or any platform as and when required. By investing a minimum amount of $10 in buying DictionUP, you can bridge your gap to greater success and communicate effectively.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Communication Skills & its Relation to Career Growth

Globalization today is one of the key reasons for the inter-dependence of countries, organizations and individuals on each other for mutual benefit. This trend has started sometime back and is due to the advances in technology, science, communications, education and also the change in the mind set of a local individual to reach out to a global audience. Globalization has brought about tremendous changes to our society and has addressed several challenges and created newer ones. The benefits of globalisation can be summed up as the ability to reach distant geographical locations and cultures and bring about changes in the human standard of living, access to improved goods and services, awareness and most importantly made the world a smaller place. This change did not happen overnight, but through the vision and hard-work of many people from varied walks of life.

Organizations today are expanding their footprint in newer geographies, businesses and services at a faster rate. This has been possible due to the collective vision of people within it and the platform created by globalisation. For any organization to perform well and grow, capable human resources with the required skill-set are essential. The skill-set for an individual may vary, depending on the work being done, the clients, the location and requirements. However, one skill set which is extremely essential and crucial in today's organizations is English Communication Skills. In the present scenario, English is already the global language due to the large usage base it has in English speaking countries (England, Australia etc) and others geographies where it is one of the primary medium of communication (India, Singapore etc), and this will only increase with time. This acts as an advantage to many and a challenge to many more. Professional, Educational and Businesses are adopting English more widely as the globalized economy is a combination of various geographies, cultures and people, and English is the common medium of communication.

Organizations are trying to capture greater market share and serve more clients and customers in this globalized economy. The only way to realize this by hiring, training and working with individuals possessing incredible technical and professional skills, and also a strong set of communication skills (Oral & Written). This creates a platform for individuals in an organization to showcase their talents and skills to move ahead in their careers and achieve greater success. In most cases a career growth is directly correlated to higher compensation, greater authority, leadership role, higher visibility, better prospects for role change and more importantly a higher standard of living for the individual. Therefore, professionals are ensuring that the competitive-edge is maintained between them and colleagues to achieve career growth. Good English communication is achieved by being exposed to higher vocabulary which provides you with the words necessary to express an idea, a thought etc... Therefore, having a good vocabulary is directly related to possessing good communication skills, which in-turn is directly related to growth in career prospects.

Higher vocabulary is needed by professionals more than ever, whether to write an email, or give a presentation to clients, to increase visibility or a team meeting, it helps a lot and increases your visibility and brings about a confidence which propels you forward. Communication is the key and a good vocabulary gives you the confidence to use this key effectively and climb up the career ladder -faster, higher and more efficiently. There are many tools available which will help you do this task, but DictionUP is the perfect tool for it. DictionUP, uses simple but an effective teaching strategy using Audio technology and comfort to teach you vocabulary effectively, efficiently in a short-time which will be with you when facing challenges in your career. So, use DictionUP to realize your dreams and move up the career ladder as a stronger individual with an equally strong skill-set.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Communication Skills - A boon to a successful career

A professional working at a corporate office in today's times needs to exhibit an array of skills portraying strengths and core values which are significant not only to the person but the corporate organization also. This demand and supply economics of the professional services in today's career market has resulted in a boom in the competition for professional jobs. The higher brand value and benefits an organization offers, the higher are its chances of retaining or attracting the best talent pool available. Competition for professional job opportunities was always high, but factors like recession, software crash, globalization are increasing this competition many fold. Just as the best corporates are offering the best benefits, compensation, recognition and exposure, they also demand the best, technical, communication, commercial and mentoring skills from a professional.

Of all the skills a professional applying for a job opportunity possesses, he/she must ensure the communication skills take a pivotal position. Communication skills are essential to express and present all the other skills which a professional has. Without proper communication,  all the other skills may never be exhibited or captured by the employer. Therefore, having a good set of oral and written communication skills are essential to propel the employee from the interview stage, through joining, career growth etc... Today's corporate offices need a professional who not only does the job, but who can also get the job done. This often requires people management, and without good communication skills, the other skills can never be channelized to benefit the end result. Client interaction is another area which is of increasing importance and communication skills play a pivotal role in this crucial business requirement.

A good communication capability can be achieved only through a effective usage of the vocabulary. English being the primary language used in today's business and professional endeavors, English vocabulary is required to perform this task effectively. Improving vocabulary takes time, and there are various tools available on the internet. DictionUP is a new innovative audio tool which helps improve your English vocabulary. It is inexpensive, effective and easy to use. This will greatly reduce your time to learn and use vocabulary to enhance the way you communicate.

Equipping oneself with good vocabulary, not only increases career prospects, but also brings in the confidence to take on any challenge and achieve success in everything.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Use of Technology to Learn English Vocabulary

Technology has penetrated our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Its applications are endless and have evolved from just military or business applications to areas which have not been in our wildest imagination, until now. Today, technology is part of our everyday life, from communicating with people, to running computers, from healthcare uses to educational uses etc... Today, educational use of technology has increased by leaps and bounds and is only going to attain higher status. Students are able to connect with each other and collaborate on aspects which will increase their educational experience and enrich their success story.

Another factor or parameter which is an integral part of the education system is the English language. It has become the language of choice for students and institutions around the world. Therefore, English vocabulary plays a much larger role than ever before and will only increase with time. 

Today, the two great platforms are used in collaboration to connect more people than ever before, and this tends to increase the success of the user. Learning English vocabulary has never been easier, technology has given the platform for this learning to be done in an easier manner, efficiently. The use of technology to learn English vocabulary, efficiently, in a short-time period and in an inexpensive manner is amply demonstrated by the audio tool DictionUP. This tool uses audio technology to create a learning experience which is easy to understande, easy to relate and efficient in its delivery. The users can download this tool at an offer price for a limited time, the link is www.dictionup.com. 

A good vocabulary can be beneficial in educational and professional sectors, and can only increase your visibility and career prospects. This is evident in the success stories of millions around the world. So, be prepared and be confident to face life's challenges and move ahead successfully by equipping your self with the required skills.